LCL REEFER SERVICES (+2°C, +16°C ou -20°C or +39°F, +61°F, -4°F)

For shipments with small volume and that do not need a full reefer container, we offer our LCL reefer services. We consolidate cargo requiring temperature control and ship them on a monthly basis to: Tokyo (Japan), Busan (South Korea), Shanghai (China),New York (USA) and Montreal (Canada).

We pay deep attention to avoid any contamination risk between the various foodstuffs (taste and odor transmission) that may happen during the transportation.

DERUDDER offer these LCL reefer services from ports of Antwerp and Le Havre for following foodstuffs: Cheese, dairy products, processed pork and Beef, etc…

We have tested and engineered a consolidation solution which grant the free air circulation inside the reefer container and the protection of the cargo, even when the floor of the container is not totally covered by cargo. We guarantee you that the requested temperature and the quality of your products will be totally preserved. Many tests have proven that our solution is efficient for positive temperature controlled but also frozen foodstuffs and goods. « Lashing & securing » concept: a solution conceptualized and approved by our logistic team.


We have more than 100 years of experience in the field of food products transportation : sa freight in reefer container or foodgrade containers, air freight with temperature controlled « Envirotainer » or simply with ice on the cargo. We find solutions depending on the temperature requested for your cargo and depending on the sensivity of the commodity.


DERUDDER manages your stocks of products under controlled temperature in the port of Le Havre : we offer separated cells and rooms available at different temperatures : -26°C, -20°C, +4°C, +15°C. All our loading platforms are closed and under controlled temperature.

Frozen food, canned food, BIO products, HALAL products, etc… : we have a specific warhousing solution for all your products !


DERUDDER has developed a specialized technical department to perform a legislative watch : we control and check all new French and European regulations, to comply with latest rules.

We strive to limit the number of controls made by the customs administration. For this, we have developed close and good relationship with the customs and sanitary services.

We master all sanitary rules and have an integrated staff in order to assist and witness all phytosanitary and sanitary controls made by the french administration.

Our teams also offer many related services : analysis in private laboratory, sending samples to sanitary administration, DCE / DVCE documents handling, making export documents (certificate of origin, sanitary certificate…).


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